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At A.C.E., Inc. we perform all service of process requests and carry them out on a nationwide scale. This page is meant to provide a deeper understanding of our businessís four main quadrants of expertise which includes: process service, property verification, courthouse courier and door knocker services.


Process Serving:


The act of process serving is where people called process servers or local sheriffs/deputies deliver various legal documents and papers to the locations of people that are listed in those documents. The individual(s) who receive such documents can be in the form of defendants, witnesses etc.


            The legal documents in question that are delivered can be in the form of subpoenas, writs, summonses and complaints to name a few. Through the act of process serving people are made aware of court procedures/cases that involve them.


            Service of process is vital in that it is the first stage in a court proceeding/case. If service of process is not conducted or done properly, the court cannot claim jurisdiction over the defendant(s) in a court proceeding.


            Process serving is highly valuable and coincides with the constitutional right of Due Process of Law.

Courthouse Couriers:


A courthouse courier is an individual that retrieves legal documents or other important goods from courthouses that then need to be delivered under a certain period of time. The name courthouse courier can be synonymous between courthouse messenger or runner.


Courthouse couriers are responsible for transporting legal evidence, documents and manuscripts between an attorney/law firm and the court. Our dependable courthouse couriers make it a point to always be on time and are trained to take on many court messenger tasks throughout the day.


The reason why a core part of a courthouse courierís job revolves around time is because lawsuits are extremely time-sensitive. The time-span of a case is determined by the courts in an effort to make sure they do not drag on infinitely and because there are numerous other lawsuits they have to be able to go through. Courthouse couriers are particularly necessary due to the fact that most of the time the time table to deliver and retrieve the legal documents at hand require them to be delivered within the same business day they are picked up. The aforementioned situation outlines why the mail isnít always necessarily the best option for services that need to be expediently handled.


Door Knockers:


Door knockers are people who go to locales and inform individuals in question by the parties that ask for the visitation to remind them of payments past due or other situations pertaining to finances. These people can sometimes be debtors, where they have a track record for being late/unresponsive in terms of making bill payments on time.


            A.C.E., Inc. nationwide door knockers ensure the proper visitation and warning are carried out to make sure the parties that ask for our services are kept up-to-date about the status, location, and responsiveness of potential debtors/renters that are non-compliant.


            A.C.E., Inc. as a company prioritizes on the concept of risk management and ensure you that our countrywide door knockers do their job. Our door knocking and address visitation services always keep the concept of risk management in mind to minimize your exposure to future problems. When our company ensures the proper procedure of payment is carried out for our clients and when we reduce monetary loss we are satisfied by a job well done.


Property Verification:


Property verification deals with agents going to the location of debtors, borrowers, or other individuals in question that have assets that do not belong to them. Property verification is crucial in the sense that the process provides a sense of security to the owner(s) of the property in question and letting him/her know it is in good condition and the whereabouts of the asset.

            A.C.E., Inc. trained agents will perform property verification services to the best of their capabilities where they will attempt to make contact with a borrower, customer, lessee, debtor, and/or confirm the existence or condition of an asset, collateral or property.


Utilizing A.C.E., Inc. verification services is a cost effective way for attorneys, lenders, servicing companies and leasing companies to communicate with customers, when phone calls, registered letters, overnight envelopes, email and mail are ineffective. We stress the basic tenants of non-confrontation meetings and the highest level of respect, yet employ proven techniques of diligence and professionalism.


Complete List of Legal Support Services in the U.S. Page:


A.C.E., Inc. offers a vast amount of court messenger, process server, door knocker and property verification services relating to process serving legal delivery of imperative documents. Have a look at the accompanying list below to see what A.C.E., Inc. can do for you!



Attorney Assistance and Legal Support Services Provided by A.C.E., Inc.:



        Citation Serving


        Court Document Serving


        Debtor / Collection Letters Delivered


        Defendants Served


        Demand Notices


        Divorce Papers Served

        Elusive Defendants Served Anywhere in the Nation


        Evasive Witnesses Served Anywhere in the Nation

        Evictions Served


        Foreclosure Action Served


        Heirs Found


        Legal Notices


        Motion Serving


        Nationwide Skip Tracing Services


        Respondents Served


        Service of Process Carried Out throughout the Entire Nation


        Stake Out Services


        Subpoena Serving


        Summons and Complaint Serving


        Witnesses Served


A.C.E., Inc. Serves Legal Documents and Delivers Service of Process throughout the Entire Nation!


To arrange for A.C.E., Inc. process server, courthouse courier, door knocker and property verification services anywhere in the country please feel free to contact us at our National Corporate Office.


Phone: 888-406-6517

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