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You have no worries with us
Our Twenty Years in Business Assures Success
We Guarantee Results!

A. C. E., Inc., of Florida
Provides Nationwide Locate, Skip Trace and People Finder Services
Private Process Servers and Legal Document Delivery Systems
When you hire us our Private Process Serving Managers will assure:


Nationwide Private Investigators

Our Nationwide skip tracing and location services are the most experience and dependable service of process, delivery, Document Retrieval, Judicial Courthouse Services, due diligence, skip trace and location services available in the Nation.

Private Investigation Inquiries  - by Email:, please click here → info@AceFLA.com

All information received, communications, email addresses and services provided are strictly confidential. We do not store, save or retain any email addresses or create cookies. All files, date, records, affidavits, investigation reports, evidence, credit card data, account numbers, ACH transactions, email and all other communications are secured and are not available for public or commercial use.

Confidentiality and Security of all communications, matters and Information is Assured.

Private Investigation Agency License Number: A 9900347

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